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About Me

I have always been on a bit of a mission to 'rescue' old, pre-loved things and over the years I have amassed a large and eclectic mix of antique and vintage home wares, kitchenalia, collectables, toys and games, jewellery, books and curios, as well as individual pieces of furniture. What started as a hobby developed into me selling select pieces via auctions and directly to dealers, and has evolved into my on-line store, Retrotrace Vintage. 

I love nothing better than the thrill of the auction room or browsing at antique and vintage fairs, and enjoy researching my new finds.

I believe that purchasing old, pre-loved items is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce the strain on landfill sites. By re-using, re-loving and recycling we are not only preserving treasures from the past, but also investing in our future.

Very fashionable and trendy in the sixties, my name Tracey is now considered 'retro'! Often shortened to 'Trace' by family and friends, I decided to incorporate it into my store name 'Retro Trace Vintage'-  or R.T.V. for short.

After an eleven-year career as a Recruitment Consultant and employment agency Manager, followed by several years of freelance work when my two children were growing up, and a three-year stint living abroad in our home in the eastern Mediterranean, I am now happily settled back in my home town of Cheltenham. 

When not out treasure hunting at auctions or fairs, I am a keen amateur photographer and can often be found wandering aimlessly around taking photos of flowers, trees, landscapes and 'interesting' doors/windows and buildings! I am also an avid reader and have built a large library of literature and reference books over the years including a small collection of modern first editions.